The Harris Project was undertaken in 2003. Starting with a single-story California Ranch style home of approximately 1700 sq. ft., this project sought to substantially enlarge the home and, without dramatically alterring its shape and mass, endow it with both more character and architectural presence.

Every aspect of the home's infrastructure was upgraded in this project. The entire electrical system was replaced as was the heating system. All of the existing windows were replaced and the entire home was brought up to current insulation standards. All of the bathrooms were redesigned and re-plumbed and a new kitchen was designed and constructed. A new family room and new master suite were added and a small detatched garage was constructed.

Most striking is a two-story dining room "campanile" which is capped with a pyramid skylight. This feature adds drama to both the interior and the exterior while poviding an inviting wash of sky-light at the center of the structure.