I founded ALDEN HOUSE in 1977 as a design/build organization. The idea of combining the process of architecture with construction was less a savvy marketing move than an expression of my own obsessions. I love the process of design and the challenge of problem solving but I am constitutionally incapable of remaining sane in an office environment. By combining my architectural background from UC Berkeley with experience as a journeyman carpenter, I was able to contrive a work pedigree that was neither entirely intellectual nor physical but a pleasant and stimulating blend of both. After nearly three decades living and working on the San Francisco Peninsula, I feel blessed with great clients, a terrific construction crew, and a CAD system that works.


I have a remarkable family and a quirky mix of hobbies and interests. My wife, Nancy, and my older daughter, Becca, are both dedicated elementary school teachers. Nancy is a first grade teacher in San Mateo and Rebecca is a first/second grade teacher in the coastal communtiy of Montara. My youngest daughter, Darcy graduated in 2000 from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo majoring in biology and art and now lives in that wonderful town. She is employed by Science Kit in SLO.

My own interests include all things computer-driven, cartooning, watercolor, running(until my knees blew out), biking(now recumbent), paddling(a HAYDEN surf-ski)and cars(a genetic defect transmitted to me by my father-Alden Johnson). I share my youngest daughters affection for animals. Our current stable includes Amber the dog, Cinder the rat, and Obee the gecko.


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